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What is expected of the VIP speakers?

The speakers are asked to tell how an alcohol or drug-related tragedy has affected their lives. It is helpful to share who else has been affected and how. Notes may be used to prevent losing their train of thought. Visual aids are helpful, such as photographs of the deceased, crash photos, death certificate, or any other mementos that help tell the story. Panelists are encouraged to speak from the heart and to expect to be emotional. Genuine emotion is a great communicator and only emphasizes the seriousness of the experience.

Speakers are not asked to sign any agreements or contracts. They will be called in advance of a program and asked to speak. If they are able, they will get a reminder call and directions on where and when to arrive. If they are not able to speak, they should not feel uneasy about saying no. Another speaker will be contacted and they will be called again when another program is available.

If you have been affected by an alcohol-related or drug-related crash and would like to share your story on a Victims’ Impact Panel, please contact Michele Osterhoudt, Panel Coordinator, at 541-574-7840 in the evenings.


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